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AidWin GloBuDa Solution by Trust

Solution by trust

Global Business Date


Trusted community network
with Digital Affiliate Support

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For celebs, mega-influencers, brands, compnies, online marketing experts, networkers.

Additional topics: finance, export, innovation, sharing economy, trusted partnership.

Unlimited database access, automated passive income with support of Digital Affiliate Videoagent.


Shared market presence
One level business partnership and affiliate

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For micro-influencers, Youtubers, enterpreneurs, accomodation providers, home workers.

Business presence, advertising, discounts, database search, one level contact, affiliate income, intl. bank account.


Career exchange
Competencies prenestation

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For startup influencers, students, career entrants, pensioners, changing career.

You can present your resume and seeking for job.

Service provider 

Quanta World Limited
139 Mitcham Lane, London
England, SW16 6NA


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