Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aidwin?

A data-driven automated, confidential, closed, internal marketing portal serving the customer information community of AidWin businessmen. AidWin is a revenue-sharing community economy. It has a free and two pay-as-you-go accounts. Your Paid Accounts have an annual account usage fee. AidWin is designed to make it easier for users to move in business space. Excluding intermediaries, provides unrestricted access to business information and free partner choice, and creates a cheaper internal market.

How can account subscribers benefit from AidWin revenue?

Any account user who decides to take advantage of our affiliate programs and builds a business with AidWin will enter into a contractual relationship with Quanta World Ltd. Quanta World Ltd. operates with a corporate background in England with connection to international financial service suppliers. It operates a commercial branch in Hungary. The payment, settlement, and payout system is automated to promote global expansion and exponential growth.

How can young people make money with AidWin?

AidWin offers access to financial independence for anyone in the online world. Even for children under the age of eighteen to, under the supervision of their parents, under their tax number. The service of AidWin is useful for everyone. The AidWin offers engaging, lightweight, careless, fully automated business that is free from requirements. It pays anyone an income who has a valid subscription associated with acccount ID number. All have benefits as direct salespeople, besides marketers, and also give a great opportunity the influencers operate on the emerging area of the online world.

Those, who can prensent such value getting followers with in the online world or generate interest in their followers, or gain confidence in them, the AidWin provide the opportunity to connect the trust of their followers to follow their business profile of AidWin, too. They have valuable chances of becoming financially independent.

Here's an example of how to:

There is a little video on Youtube about how to catch with a PET bottle an uninvited guest, a mouse. No text can watch, just a hand that works and that mouse. If you watch it, you have a good feeling because the creator of the video has helped the mouse, the cunning little guy to get out of his life. I'm glad you got a lesson. You can have an idea, have got helped and you can easily do the same, too.

If you find that there is some adds on the video about the creator or the publisher has a business profile can make you thinking. Business Profile? Why don't have I? And if you still have invited, yet...? You would start thinking with the following thought: this video helping you to catch the mouse. Do you like it, sympathetic, and if so, you can think about how you can be helped in other ways?

Then allow me to ask a question with respect: if 1000 of viewers are satisfied with the video like you, not a hundred, but a thousand (!), Will have one viewer who creates a business profile through the available link provided by the publisher?

If so? Hold on to it.

When I first saw this video was viewed by 55,000,000 people. Maybe it was a year ago. I have been watched it again, the views are 64,000,000 so far! If every thousandth of viewers creates a business profile on you can have earnings of 64,000 x 15 Euro based on account subscription costs 53 Euro per year, as you the publisher of your video adds, not calling anyone!!!

This equals € 960,000. Our system automatically distribute your earning and in the same amount globally to the VIP business profiles above you, and this can be repeated every year. Exciting? Would it be good to take part in it?

That's it! No requirement, no tails, no persuasion of others. In this easy business, you don't even have to give your face, sound to the viewers, just presenet that you use an AidWin business profile and you value it useful and believe that is good for others, too! If the viewer does not use it, yet then invite him to subscribe, with respect. Everyone have freedom to decide whether or not to use it. The world has accelerated, the AidWin has provide fast business according to it.

When do I see my rewards?

If the account subscriber has paid with a credit card, you can immediately see your commission under, Admin, Statistics, Commissions Detail. If the sunscription paid by wire transfer, you will only see it after having the transfer received.

What can I use AidWin for?

You can get free on the global job market. In addition, if you only want to get a financial advantage, we recommend that you look for the community members who are close to you and prefer to take your money to them because you get more for them.

If you think that the more money left in your pocket, and the reputation, the new market, the opportunity for wider business relationships are the value for you, then promote our service and we share our revenue with you. We'll pay you for all of our paying account users that you have signed up for. Moreover, since AidWin has an annual fee, after the annual renewals, the same bonuses are redistributed annually to you. As our service provider member, you can also appear in our trust-based internal market.

Who we have created the free account and what opportunities it provides.

The AidWin, with the free account, helps the beginners and those who want to change unselfishly. Those who want to stay in the global labor market with their labor supply. We could categorize students, career starters, dissatisfied with their current job, career changes, retirees, mothers and even more. After registration, they can quickly create their CVs with our text editor and upload their job applications without limit. They may indicate the nature of the work, which may be full-time, part-time, or voluntary. These content can be accessed without restriction for VIP account companies. You, as an applicant can precisely search and can apply for their job offers.

What include the paid accounts?

All payed account provide:

  1. Unlimited information uploading and searching in available categories.
  2. Business group prestetion, commission clearing, commission tracking, billing service, which helps our members to track AidWin's business.
  3. International bank account opening and bank card ordering.
  4. Discount card for cheaper purchase.
  5. Invitation email to facilitate your referral work.
  6. Online registration links to your network, that can be shared in social media.

The system has been developed to take advantage of the online world beyond your personal relationships. We encourage you to share your unique registration link with blog posts, articles, banners, emails, landing pages, videos, Facebook posts, and tweets. Quanta World Ltd. pays for any customer who subscribe for's confidential, closed information community through the unique registration link.

How can I buy cheaper?

By showing your discount card at our discount provider member' shop.

How do I get my discount card?

Became our any paid account subscriber.

What is the difference between a AidWin discount card from a coupon, voucher, or bonus?

Coupons, vouchers, and bonuses are only limited to certain services and their value. The AidWin discount card can be used unlimitedly for all our discount card members to the extent of the discount rate. Coupons are not or only partially transferable. The discount card can be freely transferable to anyone, at any time, and provide the option to sell (as a part of annual account subscription) to anyone, at any time for a commission. AidWin just connects. It does not follow the traffic generated by its service, does not tax it for any profit.

How do I search for business information?

You can search for countries, cities, topics, service providers, languages.

Does AidWin Line Up?


How do I build relationships?

Above all, with the possibilities offered by the site, you can upload information articles and photos about yourself and your company in several categories that the system stores. For example, you are a climber and you would like to boost the turnover of your furniture company you own and even you would like to find for your life partner, as well. In this case of turnover boosting, you can enter information in the category of Discounts that you give 10% discount to AidWin account subscribers and into The Business category the supplies of your company provide so you can direct the viewer interests in to your website.

Also, you can enter information into the dating site to find who you are looking for. Here you can enter your phone number so that your secretary will not be disturbed by those who are trying to contact you. You can enter information into categories Communities, community sharing, and Hobby as climbers, who looks for contacts with Russian or Nepalese climbers.

You can enter information into the asset finance and export category when looking for venture capital and even for example, you would export kitchen furniture walnut wood made. All of these information are stored in our system. The enteries that your profile have, the system will display you exactly when that are searched. In addition, who are interrested in your entries can read all of your articles. You have opportunity to search other' entries in our system. You can also build business contacts and take part meetings and events organized by AidWin VIP leaders, doing with passing business card, making personal presentation and conversations.

How is AidWin's business different than other business clubs?

The AidWin's business-building opportunity is unlimited and global. In addition to expanding the business relationship, the account-holders can also generate cash-based business traffic with the help of a discount card, and also cen share revenue with their account subscribers.

How do I get paid?

In your account, you can open your own Epayments account under Admin, Profile, E-Account Opening. The Epayments account number need to be uploaded to the specified location at the bottom of the page. When if you become eligible for commission payout, the AidWin will transfer your rewards to your account till the 15th of each month. Without Epayments account, AidWin will not pay commissions as it is a contractual condition for affiliate contract.

How do I withdraw it?

You can transfer it to yourself, or you can withdraw a credit card. You can order Mastercard through your Epayments account.

Can I have a passive income from AidWin?

Yes. When you have qualified. Standard account subscribers, VIP account subscribers receive a monthly and yearly passive earnings. Standard account subscribers have a passive income even after the annual renewal of partners had enrolled. VIP account subscribers have more income options. For them, two passive and twenty-six different passive income come from different depths. These commissions are paid monthly by AidWin and are repetedly paid once a year in the next month following the annual subscription renewals.

How is the AidWin's Global Affiliate Finance Program different from any MLM network compensation system?

AidWin is not a constrained MLM network, but it is a business software with usage fee can be offered to others under a free affiliate finance program. With the help of the software of AidWin, the commissions are distributed linearly prompt without any restrictions at the time of subscription (for twelve months after the account subscription) to those who entitled without restrictions (eg no requirements for feet-ratio or no monthly recruting activity).

How Do I Become an AidWin Account Subscriber?

By completing the registration form and paying the annual account usage fee.

How do I pay my annual account usage fee?

With credit card and bank transfer. AidWin account usage fees can be paid in two hundred countries with six types of credit cards. In the case of bank card payment, the account is immediately activated and commissions are displayed. In case of transfer only upon of the indicated amount received.

What if the registration is interrupted?

There are two stages: registration and payment. Registration requires a valid email address, a user name, and a password that you must enter twice. The candidate is registered by AidWin this way first. The second step is the payment. If this process is interrupted for some reason, (eg the net is gone or there is an isufficient limit on the card), then after reentering the account the payment process can be continued by entering the user name and password.

How do I get a car?

You are eligible to get car as a VIP account-subscriber with enrolled members in amount of 400 VIP account subscriber positioned in the network as the requirements described in AidWin's Global Affiliate Finance Program.

Will the car be for personal usage, only?

No. Quanta World Ltd, which operates AidWin, will pass the ownership of the car to you after the necessary legal action (the default car is a Toyota Yaris, which may be a Lexus by special agreement).

Who become AidWin account subscribers, who are our markets?

Everybody in the world who have interrested in making money. Anyone who accept AidWin's thoughts, mission, ideas which prioritize each other's services, help, share, recommendation, support, who think the importance of trust and business freedom.